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The music of Sue Brescia



Sue Brescia
Our Last First Time

Featured Song:


"Amazing heart and spirit and voice. I have heard no one like her in my life. To me Sue Brescia is more touching than Leonard Cohen with a much sweeter voice..."

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1. Each Moment With You
2. Your Smile Danced In Me
3. The Sound Of Your Voice
4. A Song From The Sea
5. The Place In Your Arms
6. The Stillness Of Time
7. The Beat Of Your Heart
8. My Reason And Rhyme
9. The Love In Your Eyes
10. The Light Of God's Grace
11. The Warmth Of Your Hand
12. The Sun On My Face
13. The Place You Call Home
14. The Stars' Canopy
15. Wherever You Are
16. I Will Keep You With Me

Our Last First Time Music Video

Music, Lyrics, Arrangement and Vocals: Sue Brescia

Media: Acrylic on Canvas by Cheryl Denton

Morphing and Video Editing: Sue Brescia


"This very personal video dedication was brought to life by first creating story boards of what I was looking for from painter Cheryl Denton. Once the paintings were completed, I photographed the 30+ paintings. I imported the first pair of paintings into Morpheus where I tested various morphing points. Once each pair of paintings had the appropriate morphing effect, I exported them as a .mov file and imported them into a video editor where both music and individual .mov files were brought together to create Our Last First Time."  Sue

1. Stepping Stones
2. Lifetime Of Weekends
3. In Harmony
4. Passage Of Time

Sue Brescia
Hope Rising

5. You And I
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6. Hope Rising
7. Forget You Never
8. On The Way To Finding Peace
9. Angels In Our Midst

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