The Year the

World Stood Still

Written and Illustrated by Sue Brescia

"This book is absolutely beautiful. Its inspirational and very moving. I'm going to use the personal journal in the back of the book to document my experience during COVID and will pass it down to my grandson. Well done. This book will be a huge success!" Carol S.

"As I sat down to to read this book I couldn't believe how talented Sue is. The drawings are amazing as are the words used to tell each story. I actually got goosebumps as I was reading it. We need to share this gem with the world."  Beverly. P

Celebrating the Human Spirit

Finding Hope...Inspiration...and Creativity in COVID-19

Artist Susan Brescia chronicles the story of our times, one that resonates with kindness, hope, inspiration, and resilience of the human spirit.


An essential worker, schoolteacher, healthcare hero, first responder, volunteer, scientist...a mother, son, grandmother, neighbor…The Year the World Stood Still encompasses several charcoal drawings and real-life stories of people from Sue’s community within her home state of Rhode Island. But her drawings capture the faces of us all, as a country and a world.

The sketches/drawings that grace the pages of this 100-page hardcover coffee table book are as compelling and moving as their stories.

In the beginning of 2020, and for the

next 18 months after that, Sue began

journaling through art to showcase

the strength of the human spirit

during a once in a lifetime pandemic. 

Since Sue can remember, she used

works of art, be it through sketching,

songwriting, or musical composition,

as a form of self-expression with hopes of inspiring others to do the same.

Whether you are a frontline worker, history buff, survivor, or know of someone who sacrificed their health for the good of others, The Year the World Stood Still connects with readers of all ages.

It includes pandemic statistics and a place to journal one's own experience during COVID-19.


This beautiful piece memorializes the endurance of the human spirit and proves that together we can overcome even the worst of times.


“I hope this book serves as a reminder of who we are, the moral obligation we share with one another, the fortitude of the human spirit, and that hope will always shine through the darkest of times.

I encourage you to pull from within and express yourself through whatever creative methods give you a sense of freedom and joy.” 





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