Although writing is the most common form of expression, there are times when words lose their effectiveness, making it difficult to articulate and pinpoint exact feelings.


Different mediums and art forms, such as drawing and painting, can help confront and express those feelings. Not only does art provide a sense of freedom, but it also relaxes and soothes overtaxed senses. Art provides detachment from outer distractions and allows oneself to immerse into the art form itself. 

When the pandemic blanketed the world, I was so riveted by the courage and resilience of the human spirit that I wanted to find a way to convey these feelings. With charcoal in hand, the new journey began and

The Year the World Stood Still came to life.

Life is a rollercoaster of emotions, regardless of who we are, where we live, or how old we are. Learning to journal through various art forms helps process emotions and contribute to healing.


"The collection of my life’s experiences have sculpted me into the artist I am today."


I started out pursuing a musical career before my life was derailed by a very rare cancer in my late 20’s. Although I have spent most of my professional career as a creative director, I never stopped creating various works of art to help me process and express thoughts and feelings.

Using Art to Navigate through Life's Adversities

To book or inquire about a one-hour lecture (45 minutes of lecture, 15 minutes of Q&A) for your organization, hospital, chamber, senior center, library, or school, email me at to learn how the creative process can open the door to reduced stress, deeper reflection, and more joyful life. We’ll also talk about the process of creating this book, the inspiration behind select drawings, journaling through trauma, and coming out the other side of trauma with a deeper understanding of life’s events.


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