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Artist. Author. Musician. Songwriter. Composer. Singer.

Sue was honored to hear a copy of her award winning book The Year the World Stood Still has been placed on display in the United States Commerce Diplomatic Receiving Room per Secretary Raimondo's request.


Sue's most recent release so happens to be a book she wrote and illustrated over the course of a year and a half.


As much as she loves designing and writing music, Sue was moved to work on charcoal drawings featuring many

front line workers during the pandemic. These drawings are as compelling and moving as their stories.

This beautiful piece memorializes the endurance of the human spirit and proves that together we can overcome even the worst of times.

Hans Christian Andersen

The music of Sue Brescia reaches deep inside to captivate and stir the soul. Whether you listen to music to quiet your mind or soothe your soul, you will find some of the most heartfelt and serenely beautiful songs and instrumentals here by recording artist Sue Brescia.


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